Job Seekers of Montclair


Fourth Quarter 2023   (Download the schedule)   (Download the poster)

October 4

Coping with Change
• Understanding your feelings
• Coping with stress
• Gain control
• Opportunities of growth

October 11

Handling your finances (OPEN - Check Website)
• Preparing a budget
• Dealing with banks and creditors
• Credit Cards
• Unemployment benefits and subsidies

October 18

Recognizing your accomplishments
• Knowing and understanding yourself
• Personal assessment inventory
• Am I who I think I am?
• Assets and liabilities

October 25

Research for targeting your job search (OPEN - Check Website)
• Identifying industries and companies
• Considering company culture and size
• Developing a plan of action
• Finding the right fit with an organization

November 1

Job search techniques
• Using the Internet
• Informational interviewing
• Directory of Organizations
• Work Search Teams

  • Recruiters

November 8

Developing your resume
• The message: What do I want to communicate
• Styles: functional, chronological, etc.
• Summarizing PAR's

November 15

Cover Letters, Thank-You Letters and References (OPEN - Check Website)
• Designing effective cover letters
• Telephone etiquette and effective use
• Thank you letters and their place

November 29

Understanding Networking
• What is it? How does it work?
• Techniques to manage an effective network
• Overcoming networking fears

  • Media and Social Networking

  • Internet Networking

December 6

Interviewing Workshop

  • Types of Interviews

  • Preparation

  • Answering: “Why Should I Hire You?”

December 13

Dealing with Road Blocks & Setting Goals
• Recognizing Common Blocks
• How to move beyond the blocks or avoid them

• Where to find motivation and support
• Long & short term goal setting


December 20

Holiday Party for Participants